SEO Techniques That Will Double Your Online Visibility


And we are speaking quantity and quality here, guys. The more you create several well-designed landing pages, the greater are your chances to outwit your competitors. Your website will become more visible and searchable in search engines, which improve product sales and lead generation. With this, you can save on costly PPC ads and enable you to invest your efforts on more important aspects of your website that generates real-time visitors, customers, and buyers. So what are the ingredients of a good, highly-optimized landing page? It should have the following elements: 1. Attention-seeking headline and subheadings 2. Call to action 3. Click here button 4. Eye-capturing image or infographics 5. Testimonials Make your landing page user-friendly and appealing to the eyes. Your content may be valuable to your readers, but if the design sucks, web readers may not think twice of leaving your website, immediately.


Web users surf the web to gain knowledge, to entertain, and to find solution. But if your website isn’t this engaging, you can’t expect to gain online traffic. Your content must be informative, straight to the point, valuable, fresh, and up-to-date. You must give your readers something they can hold on to so they stick around your website. Something that they can share with the world, and in turn, give you a word-of-mouth type of marketing. You must give something that benefits them, something that touch their emotions and buying instinct. As with the length, it depends on how you presented the content. While some say, it should have 500 words max, others will tell you to go up to 2000 words. The truth is, as long as you have given a well-read, well-written, and highly-informative content, there is nothing much to ask for, really.


Web users type in keywords exactly how the words are come out of their head. While some keywords sound unnatural to read, it is still best to write your words naturally. Phrases that sound and look weird will have a negative effect on the credibility and value of the content. Either it won’t be shared or readers will just have to stop reading and go to other websites that provide more grammatically correct and valuable articles. The key to getting more sales and web visitors is to engage people in your website. How do you engage them? Touch their senses. Go deeper in your approach by using tried and tested (yet very simple) SEO techniques that personally welcome the readers to your website.

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